DevOps Engineer

Hybrid Role

Monday in the office in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Tuesday - Friday, Work from Home

£45,000 - £55,000


Design, create and maintain new and existing processes to support all aspects of the software development life cycle. Managing own workloads as part of the build team. Reviewing efficacy of release plans and managing resource and schedules for releases.

Results & Responsibilities

Build Engineering

  • Design, create and integrate build process into SDLC

  • Automate build and check-in process for Continuous Integration

  • Debug and support developers with code compilation

  • Coordinate code merges and deployments with development and QA teams

  • Advise on best practices and methodology

  • Perform branch change management

  • Report exceptions to Infrastructure Manager

Release Engineering

  • Deployments and releases across multiple platforms and environments

  • Design and create automated deployment processes for Continuous Deployment

  • Integrate existing tools and develop new tools and scripts to improve the build infrastructure

  • Database backup and restore and script deployment

  • Automated testing of deployed environments


  • Design, setup and maintenance of server infrastructure

  • Diagnosis and resolution of OS, network and application issues

  • Database setup and administration

  • Maintenance of network file shares

Design and Architecture

  • Work with architects and developers to plan new processes, usage of new technologies and setup of platform environments

  • Design and implement new processes, technologies and platforms

  • Review designs to ensure they provide the most value to the business

Agile Team Working

  • Work daily with developers, testers, business analysts, information architects and configurators, as part of a cross-functional team in an agile project environment

  • Communicate with build engineers as part of a build team, including managing of workloads

  • Collaborate with Development, QA, and other teams to ensure a smooth transition of deliverables through proper release channels and to solve problems

Operational Improvement

  • Assist in defining best practice release and deployment process and maintenance activities

  • Define, develop, implement, document, and evolve continuous integration/deployment tooling and standards

  • Integrate automated test, quality metrics and deployment in the software build process

  • Manage existing tools and systems while transitioning to improved processes and methods

  • Establish standards for build artefact management and build configuration

  • Provide documentation for change management and best practices

Personal Development

  • Taking personal responsibility for skills development, particularly to enhance infrastructure support and deployment tool capabilities

  • Actively participating in the performance management process, and taking responsibility for delivering agreed objectives

Team/process management

  • Manage team workloads and resource for projects and releases

  • Manage internal projects

  • Training of build and other teams in new processes

  • Support build team with daily activities and development

  • Process design and improvement

  • Decision making



Driving Quality

  • Takes personal pride in delivering work of the highest standards

  • Sets targets for quality and completeness of work that go beyond the minimum required

  • Develops robust processes by which work is checked, assessed, and monitored for quality

  • Compares the quality of work against that of others in similar roles or teams and strives to outperform others

Decision Making

  • Identifies and evaluates the range of options open to them

  • Articulates the assumptions made and the risks involved in decisions taken

  • Analyses information carefully to identify facts, patterns, trends, and missing data that may impact on a decision

  • Communicates decisions clearly to those who are affected

Supporting Colleagues

  • Actively participates in knowledge sharing and cross-functional networking groups

  • Sets up systems and processes by which useful information or intelligence can be shared

  • Makes appropriate information and knowledge available promptly to those who have a need for it

  • Recognises and capitalises on the opportunities presented by the diversity within and across different teams

Achieving Results

  • Engages in the team planning process by proactively setting personal (and/or team) objectives

  • Identifies opportunities to improve the way work is organised and flows within the team

  • Creates systems or processes by which help the teamwork in a more efficient and cost-effective way

  • Spots opportunities to reduce or manage costs more effectively within their area

Managing Change

  • Responds constructively and quickly to shifting goalposts or changing requirements

  • Copes effectively with rapid change or increased demands

  • Reprioritises own work or the work of the team in response to external pressures

  • Is flexible in their approach; adapts their working style to suit the needs of the situation

Drive & Motivation

  • Addresses multiple demands without losing focus or energy

  • Increases efforts in the face of difficulties or obstacles and recovers quickly after setbacks

  • Remains calm and focused during stressful or challenging situations; concentrates only on things they can control or influence

  • Encourages others during challenging times with their positive, can-do attitude

  • Willing to work over the allotted hours to meet deadlines and carry out work at quiet times that don’t affect staff


  • Build and release automation

  • Release management and release packaging

  • Proficient with command¬ line scripting

  • Expanding build/CI environments to standardise coding rules, calculate code complexity, and unit/integration test coverage

  • TFS/VSTS administration, setup and management

  • Understands the SDLC and how processes and tools and support it

  • Understands ITIL or equivalent infrastructure support model

  • Correctly identify technical and non-technical problems

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills


  • Experience in infrastructure support team in a project agile environment

  • Working experience in most of the following Technologies:

  • Docker

  • Jenkins

  • VSTS\Azure DevOps

  • Azure B2C

  • Linux Operating System

  • Tyk

  • Java/Shell/PowerShell/Scripting languages

  • C#\ASP

  • Kubernetes/Docker Swarm

  • Cloud Hosted and physical hosted infrastructures

  • Database technologies - SQL and Non-SQL

  • CI/CD process definition and implementations