Meet James Smith.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to our latest growing star...

James joined our IT Division a month ago. You always hope a new recruit will hit the ground running, but James's starting pace has taken even us by surprise.

Let's get straight into it - One month in, and you've already placed 6 candidates... what's your secret?

Haha, there's no secret! I just try to take everything as it comes and one task at a time. Also, not getting too high or too low. By that I mean, within recruitment something changes every day. There are a lot of surprises. Once you do get a placement, of course it's exciting, but I just try to move onto the next placement rather than getting too caught up on that.

Also, I was a candidate 2 months ago. I was in their shoes so I can look at their situation from a personal level. I know what they're looking for and I think I can tell if a role would suit any particular person.

How has your first month been?

Really enjoyable. Our office has a great environment, filled with lots of advice and friendly characters.

Client visits have also been a lot of fun, and I have had the opportunity to visit some very prestigious places I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Worcester College, Oriel College, Corpus Christi and St. Edwards School are just some of our impressive client list that I have been to this month.

Other than placing the candidates, what have been your other early big wins?

I think the relationships already built with everyone. Easing into this team dynamic has actually been pretty seamless. There is a lot of banter in the office which is great because I'm used to that from my football background.

What have been your early challenges?

As I was new to the industry, I felt like there was a lot going on that I couldn't influence as much as I would have liked to. However, in the short period I've have been here, I feel like I've already grown into the role. Alex Walker, who heads up the IT division, has been a lot of help and has given me great advice already. Darren & Graham, our directors, are always on hand to bounce ideas off too.

What is a typical day at Planet Recruitment?

A lot of office golf 😆

Usually, an 8am start, a quick chat with the wider team and then our morning catch-up planning the day's calls, focusing on key roles.

I then review our latest applicants and move onto identifying potential candidates for our open positions. The day can be quite varied and never dull.

What do you hope to achieve here?

A long-lasting career. I wanted a job that I could grow into rather than a short-term steppingstone. Our department is growing rapidly, as is the wider company. It's a great time to join the team. Within the next year, I hope to progress from my current role as a Recruitment Resourcer to become a Recruitment Consultant. That's the plan.

Tell us about yourself outside work

I grew up in Oxford and always had a passion for football. I joined West Brom at 14 and played right up to the u21's. After that I went to the University of Washington in Seattle on a full football scholarship and graduated last year. While there, I married Maddie, we got a lively Bernese Mountain Dog, named Bear, and the three of us moved home to Oxford this summer.

James Smith is our IT Recruitment Resourcer, the latest addition to one of our busiest divisions. If you're looking for a job in IT, an email to is a good place to start - or call for a chat 01865 257455.

Here at Planet, we are actively looking for new recruits to join our team. If you think a career in recruitment is right for you, you're hardworking and enjoy a fun time at work, then reach out today!