AI is not a threat to your tech job, but an opportunity for your tech career.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful and disruptive technology that can change every industry and every aspect of our lives. But it also raises some questions about the future of work and the role of humans in a world with more machines.

Some people say that AI will take over your job and leave you jobless. A report by Goldman Sachs even says that generative AI, a type of AI that can make stuff like text, images, audio and video, could replace 300 million jobs worldwide, or one-fourth of current jobs in the US and Europe. The report says that many sectors, from office work to art, will be affected by AI.

But this is not true. AI is not bad for your job, but good for your career. Here are three reasons why:

AI can augment your work, not replace it.

AI is not one thing that can do everything better than humans. AI is many things that can do different things in different ways. Some types of AI are more advanced than others, and some tasks are easier to automate than others.

For example, generative AI is a new type of AI that uses deep learning to make realistic content based on inputs or prompts.

Generative AI can make content like poems, stories, essays, songs, paintings, logos and even faces. But generative AI is not perfect or smart. It often makes mistakes, biases and ethical problems that need human help and check. Also, generative AI cannot make content like humans do. It can copy existing styles and patterns, but it cannot make new ones or show unique views.

So, generative AI is not bad for your job, but good for your work. For example, generative AI can help you write faster and better by making summaries, headlines or quotes for you. It can save you time by drafting contracts or documents by making templates or clauses for you. It can help you design buildings or solve problems by making sketches or simulations for you. It can help you create new art or entertainment by making novel or diverse content for you.

AI can create new tech jobs and markets

The second thing to note is that AI is not a zero-sum game that reduces the total amount of work available for humans. Rather, AI is a catalyst for innovation that creates new jobs and markets that did not exist before.

New technology does not just kill jobs, it also makes them by making new products, services, industries and skills. For example, the internet made jobs like web developers, social media managers, online marketers, e-commerce sellers, cybersecurity experts, etc. In the same way, AI will make jobs like AI engineers, AI ethicists, AI trainers, AI auditors, AI translators, AI artists, etc.

Also, AI will make new markets and chances for workers by making their work more wide, easy, and more valuable. For example, AI can help you give better solutions to customers around the world by making content, features, and feedback for them. AI can help you work with other people online by making communication, documentation, and coordination tools for you. AI can help you start and grow your own business by making business plans, strategies, and insights for you.


AI can boost your tech well-being and prosperity.

The third thing to note is that AI is not a menace to your tech well-being and prosperity, but rather a means to improve them by increasing the efficiency, quality, and affordability of tech goods and services.

These benefits can mean more money, lower prices, better health, more education, more free time, and more joy for workers.

AI does not hurt your well-being and wealth, but improves them by making your work more efficient, quality, and cheap. You still choose how to use or enjoy the goods and services that AI gives you. You still make sure that the benefits of AI are shared well and fair among all people. You still follow your own goals and values in a world better with AI.

Don’t be afraid…

Do not fear or fight AI. Use and work with it as a good friend that can boost your career. Saying that, be careful of the problems and issues that AI still has, and the ethical and social things that need to be solved before AI can be used more. Do not let AI do your work, but work with it to make your work better.

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